Harmony Barber Shop

If you are looking for something unique to do, The Harmony Barber Shop should be something on your radar. The Barber Shop is located on Main Street USA. They offer haircuts for adults and children. I came here specifically so my daughter could get her first haircut and I’m so glad I did. The package only costs $25, which I thought was reasonably priced for Disney. It includes the haircut with Pixie dust, a First Hair Cut Certificate with your child’s name on it, a sachet with a piece of your child’s hair trimmings and Mickey Ears that say “My 1st Hair Cut”.

The Barber Shop takes appointments 180 days in advance. It’s not nearly as busy as the Bippity Boppity Boutique, so if you don’t make reservation right away, you should still be able to get an appointment. I called 3 months out and was able to get a 10am appointment with ease. When I arrived at Harmony Barber Shop, my little one and I check in and then took a seat and waited our turn. The shop goes along with the rest of Main Street USA theme. While we waited, we watched an elderly couple in their 70’s get their hair cut. I watched the husband get his haircut and at the end of it they put ‘pixie dust’ in his hair. I had some serious marriage envy for a minute. As my little one sat in the big chair (with a huge cushion of course), she was very fidgety. The stylist handed her an Elsa toy and about a dozen Mickey stickers to distract her. She was still very fidgety and didn’t listen as we told her to stay still, but our stylist was very patient and friendly. After the haircut, she put some Pixie dust in my daughters’ hair and offered to put it up in one or two ponytails. As I checked out, they placed the certificate, hair trimmings and Mickey Ears in a bag for me. From start to finish, the whole appointment took about 20 minutes. I’d say this was well worth the $25 for the most memorable and magical first hair cut!

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