Biergarten Review

Germany is one my favorite pavilions in Epcot. It’s so charming and quirky. I tell everyone they need to buy a Christmas pickle for their tree. Most people think of the Biergarten as more of an adult’s only place, but it’s very much the opposite. As you make your way into the restaurant, you’ll notice that it’s set up like stadium seating with all the tables overlooking the stage. You’ll feel like you’ve transported straight to a little village in Germany. The band is awesome and plays multiple shows a day. They play all sorts of instruments, including the chicken dance with different size cow bells. I been here at least 4 times and it always the same guys playing. They always put on a great show and are so enthusiastic. In front of the stage, there is a dance floor for all the kids to dance and watch the band up close. Like the real Oktoberfest in Germany, The Biergarten has communal seating so you’ll most likely be seated with other diners unless you have a party of 8.


Like the other restaurants in the World Showcase, the servers at the Biergarten are from Germany. When they come to the table they’ll inform you of the buffet and offer you a drink. They’re famous for their liter of beer. The size of beer stein is probably the size of my head. It’s huge. I don’t drink beer, so I always go for the German wine flight.

I always feel so overwhelmed when I step up to the buffet. You can start at either end of the buffet, as both sides start out with the same items and then meet in the middle at the carving station. The buffet starts off with all the German cold salads like potato, sausage, cabbage, cucumber and lots more. Moving toward the middle of the buffet, you’ll find a soup of the day, rolls and a plethora of hot items.  Some of my favorites include spätzle, pork schnitzel, oven roasted potatoes and usually whatever is at the carving station. As always, the buffet has kid’s options. I usually get the mac and cheese myself. I’m not ashamed, it’s amazing. As your filling your plate with all sorts of German goodies, don’t forget to save room for dessert (I feel like I always say that). My two favorite dessert items at the buffet are the Bavarian Cheesecake and the Apple Strudel. Unlike most cheesecakes, the Bavarian cheesecake is so light and fluffy. And the apple strudel is just the best. Don’t forget to the top it off with the vanilla sauce next to it, it tastes like melted ice cream. 

img_1645In a nut shell, The Biergarten offers a lot of German foods that you don’t get to try often, so go and try something new. There’s something there you probably don’t know about and will now love. If all else fails, the beer is flowing and the show is one of my favorites. For that hour or two, I really feel like I’m in Germany, surrounded by Germans, listing to a live German band. How cool is that?

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