NCLs Free at Sea Promotion

Norwegian Cruise Lines biggest perk is that they often offer the Free At Sea Promotion in some form. In this post, I’ll explain how each of these freebies work and which ones give you the most bang for your buck.

How Many Freebies do I get?

Typically NCL sticks to the below structure, but it CAN change.

Inside Cabins = 1 Freebie

Outside, Balconies and Mini Suites = 2 Freebies

Haven Suites = All of the current freebies offered

What are these “freebies”?

Depending on your sailing, Norwegian may offer some combination of the below freebies. PLease note that some of these perks are only for guests 1 and 2 in each cabin.

1. Ultimate Beverage Package – Yes, that means alcohol! This perk is only for guests 1 & 2 in a cabin and covers almost all beverages up to $15. The only thing I know it does not cover is those nice little coffee beverages and the self serve wine stations. If you drink at all, this is a no brainer. NCL offers a drink package at $79 per person, per day, PLUS gratuities. So that’s a saving of $1,176 for 2 people on a week long cruise.

This is how I feel when my drinks are free

2. Extra Guests Sail Free – If you have more than 2 people in your cabin, this is the way to go. Of course like most cruise lines, there’s a significant discount on any guests after 2, but this is still a huge savings. The value of this freebie varies so much that I can’t even put a dollar amount on it. I will say, when this offer came available to one of my clients, it saved them a little over $700 on their cabin. Also keep in mind that this promotion is typically for the 3rd and 4th guests in your cabin, if you have 5 passengers, only 2 will be free.

3. Specialty Dining Package – This is a great option, but sometimes it may not always be the most cost effective. The option lets you dine at the specialty restaurants for free. A la cart restaurants may have additional fees, but if you’re on a big enough boat, you can avoid that. This package will usually gives you 3 dining credits for guest 1 and 2 in your cabin for a 3-9 day cruise. Cruises longer than 10 days will earn you 4 credits for passenger 1 and 2. The value of this freebie is about $162 for 2 guests receiving 3 dining credits. Click here for my review of the Specialty Dining Package.

4. Shore Excursion Credits – This freebie gives you $50 for every port on your itinerary. It’s easy to figure out the value here. If your cruise visits 3 ports, you get $150 in credits. It’s very important to know that these credits cannot be combined for one port or day.

5. Free Wi-Fi Package – All cruisers know there is NO wifi or phone service while at sea, so its hard to stay connected with anything back home. This package will give you 250 minutes of wifi in your stateroom. This package is valued at $125. Personally, I really enjoy not having contact with anyone, unless my kid was home

6. Pre Paid Gratuities – While this is not currently being offered, but I see this promotion from time to time. This is exactly what it says. They will pay for your gratuities. Service charges are $13.50 per person, per day for everyone except guests with haven suites, which are $15.50 per person, per day. The value of this would be $189 for 2 guests on a week long cruise.

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