Disney’s New Minnie Vans

Check out these cute “Minnie Vans”, which are actually SUVs…but I won’t get hung up on the wording! I recently spotted these “vans” at both, Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Boardwalk Inn. In Disney fashion, they were very clean, styling and each had a uniformed driver.

These Minnie Vans are currently servicing guests staying at the Beach & Yacht Club and the BoardWalk Resort. Guests can request this service by using the Lyft application on their phone. Lyft (and Uber) are car services that you request from a push of a button. All billing is done directly on the phone. The cost is a flat rate of $20; the 6 passenger SUV will pick you up and bring you anywhere on Disney World property for $20. As most people are aware, Disney offers free transportation in many forms, but Disney veterans know that can sometimes can cost you a great deal of time, depending on your destination.

I can definitely see myself using this service when on a time crunch or if I have to travel from resort to resort, instead of bus hopping.

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