What to Bring or Buy for your Disney World Trip

As my clients begin to prepare for their upcoming trip to Disney World, I like to tell them some essential items to bring and some other services they can book to make their trip more enjoyable. Not only are these items essential, they’ll save you money…and I know everyone likes saving money.

Things to Pack

  • Clothes – DUH! I only say this, because if you’re traveling during the winter months, pack layers. While Orlando Temperatures can get above 80 degrees during the day, they can also drop pretty low at night. So bring clothes you can layer! If not, you’ll be one of those suckers, buying a sweatshirt at the nearest gift shop for big money.
  • Ponchos – Florida is known for having quick tropical rainstorms. Buy some cheap ponchos from the dollar store. The ponchos at Disney cost $10 and that adds up quickly when you have to purchase them for the whole family.
  • Proper Footwear – People walk an average of 10 miles per day when visiting Disney World. Bring shoes than can go the distance. And that can mean different shoes for everyone. I once brought what I thought was a well broken in pair of sneakers and it turns out, I can’t walk long distances in sneakers. With that said;
  • Extra Footwear – In case your shoes get wet or they are simply rubbing you the wrong way, bring another option for footwear. For me, it’s flip flops with good support. Croc or Nike flip flops are great for Disney!
  • USB Battery Backup – In a world where everyone uses their phone as a camera to capture those memories at Disney, be sure you phone doesn’t die and bring a USB battery back up!

Order before you go!

Groceries – I tell everyone to order groceries before their trip! Unless you have the Deluxe dining plan, you should still get groceries. Order snacks and grabs and go items. Remember when doing this, most rooms have a mini fridge so be aware of fridge space. Most of these grocery deliver services can also deliver diapers and wipes. I typically use Garden Grocer, but there are many other options.

Stroller Rental – Again, you’ll walk about 10 miles per day and if your kids can’t do the hike, you’ll be carrying them. While Disney has strollers you can rent in the park, they are hard, not comfortable, have no bells and whistles and cannot leave the park. These are great if you have older kids and suddenly need them on a whim, but if you have kids under 5 or 6, I suggest renting one from a third party. These companies deliver high end strollers right to your resort and the price is comparable to Disney’s prices. Some of these companies include Orlando Stroller Rental and Kingdom Strollers.

Amazon Packages – If you have any other essential items that you don’t want taking space up in your luggage, you can always send an Amazon package to your resort. Just make sure the label has your resorts address, says your name, the word “guest” and your check in date. Disney may charge you $5 per package*

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