Top Unique Souvenirs from Disney World

The Parks are full of hundreds of souvenirs you can bring home. You can buy clothes, kitchenware, tons of toys for kids and even items from around the world in EPCOT. Below I have selected 3 special souvenirs you can get while at Disney World. I find that these special souvenirs give you a unique experience!  Comment below – What is your favorite souvenir from Disney World?!


You’ll see cast members set up all over Disney World drawing caricatures. You’ll even see them all over the world, but Hey! Who is cool enough to actually get one done at Disney. These drawings are hand drawn by artists. They take the time to draw you and put you in a scene of your liking. I went not too long ago and 2 people with me decided to got one done. My friend got herself with her dog (we had a picture of the dog) and they did it with no hesitation. The below caricature was done at the Polynesian. The artist at the Polynesian did this from a photo. Other artists require you to sit in front of them the entire time. It takes about 30 minutes per person.




I hear a lot of people tell you not to bring your children under 3 to Disney, I strongly disagree. I will never forget to look on my daughters face on some of the rides or fireworks, she had an absolute blast. I wanted to bring something home to remember her second trip and I thought the silhouette was the cutest and more reasonably priced way to do it. In the France pavilion (also available on the Boardwalk) an artist sat down with my very fidgety almost 3 year old and was able to cut a silhouette out in about 5 minutes. It was only $8 for the silhouette, with the frame, it cost $17 total. This is something I will treasure forever! Speaking of treasure….


Pick a Pearl

In the Japan pavilion, you can pick an oyster from a tank and a cast member will shuck it open right there for you. The pearls inside range in color and size. You could even get twins! You can take your pearl home as is or you can create a custom piece of jewelry for an additional cost. How neat is that? This unique experience is available at the Japan pavilion and Disney Springs.


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