Ohana Review

The Polynesian is one of mine and everyone else’s favorite resort. It’s a classic. When you step foot into this resort, you instantly feel relaxed and like you’re on island time. I love the vibe here. Its no surprise it’s one of the best resorts!


Ohana is located upstairs in the Grand Ceremonial House. If you have a wait, don’t fret. The Polynesian has one of the better lounges that you won’t mind hanging around in for a while. Tha Tambu Lounge is right next to Ohana. They offer all sorts of delicious drinks. A couple of my all-time favorites are the Backscratcher, Lapu Lapu and the good ol’ Mai Tai.

Once you get paged, the host greets you and grabs a fresh loaf of the Pineapple-Coconut Welcoming bread and will show you to your table. If you’re lucky, the host will walk past the big grill where the cooks are preparing and grilling the skewers. Aside from the BBQ in the middle of the room, the dining area is very open and surrounded by windows. If you make a late reservation, you might be able to score a table by the window and enjoy wishes right from your table. As guests are enjoying their food, there’s a Hawaiian woman handing out leis, telling stories and gathering all the children to participate in the coconut race.  This is where they each sweep a coconut with a little broom around the restaurant. It’s so cute!

Once we sat down at the table, the food started coming out rather quickly. Everything is served family style. They start you out with a refreshing salad with a ginger dressing. I’m a huge fan of Asian salads, so I love this. Shortly after, the sticky chicken wings and dumplings come out. I could fill up on just these 3 items; they are so good and addicting. Now that I’m halfway full, the skewers of meat start coming. A server will come by with a different skewer each time. These skewers are about 3 feet long and have nice big chunks of meat on them; they have steak, chicken and shrimp. I’m convinced they have dedicated skewer servers that just walk around making sure everyone’s plates are full. The meats are cooked perfectly. Chicken and shrimp are juicy and the steak is usually cooked medium. Along with this, they also put vegetables and teriyaki noodles on the table. I was not disappointed with any single dish. In fact this is the one place I don’t know what to eat less of and save more space for. Everything is simply delicious.  


As we all finished up our meal, I made sure to tell my family that dessert is coming and its not a dessert to be missed. Our server brought out this huge family size piece of bread pudding topped with ice cream. Then they do the unthinkable and pour warm banana caramel sauce all over it. It’s delicious. This is definitely my favorite dessert. I mean it. I’m a sweet eater and this is my #1. I actually just learned that Ohana is not the only place you can get the Bread pudding. You can pull up a seat at the Tambu Lounge and get a generous slice for $6 (pictured below). If you can’t get a reservation, you at least need to try the bread pudding. Ok, I’ll stop now. Moving on…

That’s right, I’m leaving this full size for your enjoyment


In addition to the bread pudding, they bring out brownie bites for the children. Overall, this one the best restaurants on property. Because this is a fan favorite, it’s sometimes hard to get a table. It’s definitely one of those places you need to book 180 days in advance. If you’re really lucky, you can sometimes score a last minute reservation, but don’t expect it to be at prime time. Either way, it’s one reservation you want to fight for…..Or have your travel agent stay on top of 😉

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