Understanding the Disney Dining Plan

img_2066Although the Disney Dining plan can be a good  value and comes with some great perks, it  can also be a little daunting to understand. So let’s start at the beginning.With the Disney Dining plan (DDP ) you can pre – pay for meals before your trip. I personally love this option, it gives the feel of an all inclusive vacation, no need to worry about prices when dining out! The plan can only be purchased with a Magic Your Way package (resort stay and at least 1 day of  park admission ). The number of days on your dining plan equal the number of days for your resort reservation. Upon check-in, your dining credits will be  attached to your Magic bands. As an example, if you are a family of 4 and have a resort reservation for 5 nights with the ( Magic Your way Plus Dining ) you are entitled to 20 Quick service credits, 20 table service credits, 40 snack credits and 4 refillable mugs. When paying for your items at the cashier you will be asked if you are using the Disney Dining plan, you will then be prompted to touch your magic band ( mickey to mickey ) against the sensor and enter your pin number which you select upon check -in at your resort. It’s that easy !  Now let’s explore the 3 different plans you have to choose from:

Magic Your way Package Plus Quick Service Dining:

Price for this plan is : 48.19 per adult ( age 10 + ) and  20.88 per child ( 3-9 )

Includes 2 quick service meals and 2 snacks per person per night and 1 refillable mug.

Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining:

Price for this plan is : 69.35 per adult ( 10 + ) and 24.95 per child ( 3-9 )

Includes  1 table service meal, one quick service meal, 2 snacks and 1 refillable mug per person per night.

Magic Your Way Package Plus Deluxe Dining:

price for this plan is : 106.00 per adult and 38.75 per child ( 3-9 )

Includes 3 meals( any combination of table service or quick service ) 2 snacks and 1 refillable mug per person per night.

Now that we know how much each plan costs, what do you get with each meal?

 Quick Service Meals – One Entrée or one Combo meal and One single non-alcoholic beverage.

You are now able to substitute one Quick service meal for three snacks, this must be done all in the same transaction.

Tip : If you are using your Quick Service meal for breakfast at your resort, I recommend using your refillable mug for your drink,( coffee, tea, hot chocolate) etc. and taking your drink ( bottled water, iced tea )  etc. to the park with you.

 Table service meal – If you are using a credit for breakfast this includes entree and non-alcoholic beverage or one buffet. For lunch  or dinner this includes one  buffet, or entree, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage. Children 3-9 can also have an appetizer at lunch/dinner.

You may use an unlimited number of your available meal credits at one time. For example, if you wish to cover dinner for friends dining with you who are not on the Dining Plan, you may do so using your entitlements. (Please  notify your server upon sitting down.)

Dessert substitutions by request only: You may substitute your dessert for a fruit plate, side salad or cup of soup where available. You still cannot swap your dessert for a regular appetizer. This will only be done at your specific request.

(Note that children age 3-9 must choose from a children’s menu, if one is available.) The Disney Dining plan is not available for children under 3, however children may share from an adult plate at no charge or a meal may be purchased for them.

Snack Symbol  Snacks-  Eligible snacks will be indicated on the menu with a Disney Dining Plan symbol (shown at right). Some examples of snacks are frozen ice cream, novelty, popsicle, rice krispy treat, fruit bar, popcorn or potato chips  single serving box or bag, a single piece of  fruit, muffin or pastry, 20 oz. bottled drink, ( non alcoholic )  soda, water or prepackaged juice or milk.

 Snacks are no longer determined based on price. Here are some examples of items now considered snacks: any soup at a Quick Service location, any ice cream novelties, any hand-scooped ice cream (including sundaes) with two scoops or less of ice cream and not in a souvenir container, anything listed as a side at a Quick Service location, any single-serve, non-alcoholic beverage that’s not in a souvenir container.You can now also use a snack credit for the following breakfast items: cereal, French toast sticks, oatmeal or quinoa, grits, biscuits and gravy, hard-boiled eggs or a side of bacon, sausage, potatoes or eggs.

These credits activate as soon as you check in to your resort and can be used at any time, in any combination, during your stay. They expire at 12 midnight on the the last day of your stay.

 One refillable drink mug per person ( refills at Quick-Service locations only to be used in your Disney Resort hotel).

The Dining Plan does not include the following:
Alcoholic beverages or Gratuity- EXCEPT at Cinderella’s Royal Table, Hoop De Doo Review, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, Spirit of Aloha, Pizza delivery, and In-room dining.

An 18 percent Gratuity will automatically be added to party’s of 6 or more.

Keeping track of your credits is very easy, just check at the bottom of your receipt’s they will show available credit’s left for your stay. If you are still unsure, just call or stop by the front desk of your resort and they will be happy to check for you.

Now that you have an idea on how to use your ( DDP ) credits your next question may be where can you use them?

Walt Disney World has over 100 participating restaurants’! One of the great perks that comes with a Magic Your Way Package with Dining is that you are able to book your ADR ( advanced dining reservations ) 180 days in advance! Many popular restaurant’s such as Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table  fill up fast. Below is a link to Disney’s 2017 DDP participating restaurant’s 2017ddp_locations . When planning be sure to remember that some Signature Dining  Restaurant’s and Character Dining Experiences DO require 2 table service credits. If all this information still seems a little over whelming I recommend using an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. The agents at Castle Connections Travel are here to help! Thanks to years of experience” doing ” Disney we know the ins and outs of planning a stress free vacation, best of all our services are free to you when booking your stay!









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