Reasons to Stay On Disney World Property

When planning a Disney World vacation, the first decision people have to make is whether they want to stay on or off Disney property. Most people think staying on property is too expensive and don’t even price it out. This is simply not true. Although many of Disney’s well known resorts are deluxe and the most expensive; Disney also offers moderate and value priced resorts. Making it affordable for anyone to stay on Disney Property.  Let’s go through the top reasons to stay on Walt Disney World Property.

1. Transportation

This is one of the biggest perks in my opinion. I hate driving! Especially when I don’t know the lay of the land. When you stay on property, you get to take advantage of all Disney’s transportation options. This includes transportation to and from all  4  theme parks, Disney Springs, both water parks and the Orlando airport. The transportation may not be as much of a money savings when you think about, but when you add the cost of parking on top of renting a car or paying for a taxi, it adds up fast. It costs $20 a day to park on Disney Property.


A Mid size car rental for a week is roughly $260 for the week. Plus $20 a day for 6 days is $120, for a grand total of $380, plus gas. Staying at a Disney Resort would eliminate that cost.

Some people staying at a Disney resort still decide to rent a car to see other Orlando attractions, but parking is free for resort guests. There’s also a rental center on Disney property for your convenience.

2. Staying in the Disney Bubble

This is my second best perk. Since I love being at Disney so much, I don’t want to leave…and I don’t have to! When I go back to my resort, there may be no rides, but it’s still “in the bubble”. One of the best things about being in the bubble is the level of service you get. Your kids will love it, solely because its magical. But as an adult I know the level of service at anything with the name Disney on it, is superior. The cast members are always on point and are willing to make anything happen, the resorts are always spotless and  perfectly themed without being over the top.

Lots of theme parks or resorts that are geared toward children and families are always a big hit for children, but are less attractive for adults. Disney knows how to make it enjoyable for all; and there resorts are the perfect example.

3. Dining Plans

Disney Dining Plans are only available to guests staying at Disney resorts. Disney offers 3 different dining plans for all budgets and needs. What I like most about these plans is I can pay for them before I even go on my vacation and I don’t have to worry about putting money aside for meals and I know how much I’m paying already. Below is a list of Dining Plans Disney offers. All plans come with a refillable travel mug.

Disney Quick Service Dining Plan – This plan includes 2 quick service meals and 2 snacks per day. Each quick service meal includes an entrée and 1 non alcoholic beverage.

Disney Dining Plan – This plan includes 1 quick service meal, 1 table service meal and 2 snacks per day. Each quick service meal comes with an entrée and a nonalcoholic beverage. Each table service meal comes with an entrée, a dessert and a nonalcoholic beverage or one buffet/family style meal. Please note that table service breakfasts do not come with dessert.

Disney Deluxe Dining Plan – This plan includes 3 meals (table service or quick service) and 2 snacks per day. Each quick service meal comes with an entrée and a nonalcoholic beverage. Each table service meal comes with an appetizer, an entrée, a dessert and a nonalcoholic beverage or one buffet/family style meal. Please note that table service breakfasts do not come with an appetizer or dessert.

4. Promotions

Disney always has great promotions going on. When you stay at a Disney Resort, whether you booked directing through Disney or booked through a Castle Connections Travel Agent (hopefully through ME!) you can take advantage of these awesome promotions. If you’ve already booked a vacation package, your travel agent can apply the savings for you so you don’t have to sit on hold for 3 hours. These promotions can include 25% off rooms, an additional day at the parks for free, free dining and even more.


5. Park Benefits (Extra Magic Hours & FastPass+)

Another great exclusive perk for guests saying at a Disney Resort is the Extra Magic Hours. Everyday there is a park that opens early and a park that is open 1 or 2 hours later than the public park hours. During those times, only resort guests are allowed to be in the park. This means a less crowded park and more ride time for you and your family.

Disney tickets include 3 fastpasses per day. The general public or annual pass holders can book their fastpasses 30 days prior to their arrival. But guests staying at resorts can make their fastpass selections 60 days prior to check-in. Giving you first dibs on the latest and greatest rides or shows!

6. Magicbands

Last, but not certainly not least are the free Magicbands! When you book a vacation package with Disney World your entire party gets a free Magicband. These are not just rubber bracelets though, these little bands are used for a lot of different things;

  • Room Key
  • Park Pass
  • Dining Plan – If you purchased a dining plan, your credits are on your Magicbands
  • Room Charges – Use your Magicband (with a PIN number) to purchase anything on Disney property.
  • Memory Maker / Photo Pass – When you stop at any photographer to get your picture taken, they will scan your Magicband and the photos get uploaded to your My Disney Experience Account. In addition, your ride photos will get uploaded as soon as the ride (automatically) scans your Magicband, WHILE on the ride.

I hope this post helped you decide where you want to stay on your next family vacation.

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